4 Ways To Get More Counter Space During A Kitchen Remodel

Although you may think your kitchen is beautiful, it may not provide you with the features that you need—especially with a larger family that uses the kitchen often. For instance, a lack of counter space can cut down on how many people can work in the kitchen at the same time, which is a major concern when you enjoy having family and friends over for holidays. As a whole, ample counter space is a boon to have in the kitchen. [Read More]

Tips For Designing A Basement Bedroom

Utilizing your basement to create another bedroom, whether a guest room or a suite, is one way to maximize the space in your home without building on. Unfortunately, basements often seem cramped and small, in part because of low ceilings and lack of natural light. The following design tips can help you overcome theses difficulties to create a comfortable and welcoming space. Tip #1: Raise the Roof While you may not literally be able to lift the roof, you can create visually higher ceilings. [Read More]

Flooring: Choosing the Right Product for Your Bedroom

When it comes time to replace your bedroom flooring, you want a quality product. To accomplish this goal, you need to gather information about the different products available. Once you have this information, it will be much easier to choose the right flooring for your bedroom. Carpeting Carpet is one of the more common products people use when replacing their bedroom flooring. This material is practical and comes in almost any color you can think of. [Read More]

Going Country Chic: Classic Pieces That Won't Clash With Your Modern Home Design

Country interior decorations can blend with your modern home decor if you choose the right pieces. With a bit of interior blending, you can have a uniquely designed home you'll love with furnishings that complement one another well. Country style adds a laid-back charm, and the following furnishings are perfect for any contemporary home. Cowhide Cowhide is used in many home decor pieces, from picture frames to furniture. Add a piece of this country luxury to your dining or living room by placing a cowhide rug in the center of the room. [Read More]