Three Unconventional Places To Use Wallpaper

You might like the clean look of a painted wall and resist adding wallpaper to any of the rooms in your home. However, a consultation with a local interior design professional could teach you about the value of wallpaper. Wallpaper is a valuable home design product because it can change the color, texture, and overall look of any space in which you use it. Even if you don't want to wallpaper an entire room — or even a single accent wall in a room — there are a number of ways to use wallpaper that may be appealing to you. Here are some options.

On Your Stair Risers

Do you feel as though your staircase lacks a little life? If so, one option may be to install wallpaper on the risers. Doing so will immediately change the entire look of the staircase — and it may quickly become one of your favorite parts of the home. You'll probably want to choose a style that is fairly understated, and you'll also want to note the colors of the surrounding walls so that the wallpaper complements the staircase.

On Bookcases

While some of the bookcases throughout your home may be packed with books, you may use others for decorative purposes. For example, you might have various trinkets or framed photos sitting on the shelves. In this scenario, the inside back of the bookcase can look a little plain. Think about adding wallpaper to this part of the bookcase, and you'll transform the look of not only this piece of furniture but also the room as a whole. Try to find a style of wallpaper that suits the items that you have on display in the bookcase.

In Frames

People frequently frame photos and artwork, but there are other things that you can frame to change the look of a room. If you're browsing through wallpaper samples at your local store and find a pattern that you love, consider simply framing a piece of it in a suitable frame and then hanging it on the wall. This idea is understated but can add visual warmth to the room. Textured wallpapers are best for this idea because they have a three-dimensional quality that can make them seem to jump out of the frame. Framed wallpaper can work in virtually any room in your home, but think about adding it to the bathroom or even in a hallway.