Planning A Lot Of Outdoor Entertainment When It Warms Up? Tips To Light Things Up

If you are planning a lot of outdoor entertainment at your home when it warms up, you can start planning now to get everything ready. No matter where you will be entertaining your guests you will need light for your get together. If you have only a porch light or security light, this will provide you with some illumination but likely not nearly enough. To take care of all this you can install landscape lighting. To help you below are different types of landscape lighting designs you can choose from, as well as other tips to get you started.

Types Landscaping Lighting

There are different types of landscape lighting you can choose including:

  • Downlighting: The light is used to place focus on a certain element in your yard. The light is installed above this element and then the light is focused down to cover the area with light.
  • Uplighting: This type of landscape lighting is used to focus on an element that is above the light. This could be a beautiful tree, or the lights can be focused on a certain area, such as around a patio.
  • Path Lighting: If you have a pathway that your guests will walk on to reach the area, you should install path lighting. This not only looks nice but also provides safety for your guests as they will be able to see as they walk. The lights are stuck into the ground and spaced apart approximately eight to 10 inches along the path.
  • Moonlighting: This type of lighting is installed higher up and is made to create light that is much like the moon, only brighter. You do have to be careful with the type of bulbs that you use as you do not want them to be too bright.

Lights for Trees and Bushes

Once you install the different landscape lighting, you can go further by installing lighting on your trees and bushes. This will not add more light to your area but will increase the aesthetics of your get together.

Purchase string lights much like the lights you use at Christmas. They wrap around the trees and bushes. For trees you can wrap the lights around the tree, wrap them around the canopy or do both. For bushes there is net lighting that is much easier to use. With this the lights are spaced out evenly onto a net. You then drop the net over the bush to make it light up.

If you are having problems, hire a landscape lighting design service to help you. They can design a beautiful landscape lighting set up for your yard, and then install everything for you.