Three Extras To Add To Custom Product Displays During A Trade Show

Trade shows are the best time to debut your business and any new product that you are presenting to the public. Even if the product is only available for pre-order at this time, you should have at least one of the products available for the public to view and get information on. During a trade show where you are presenting a new product, you will need to have a comprehensive custom product display in order to best debut your new style. Here are three extras to add to a custom design display so that your new product is the talk of the convention. 

Ability to press buttons for more information

A touchscreen display is common at trade shows, especially for new inventions. Sit the product in front of the screen. Set up the touch screen so that the customers who are inside of your booth can touch a specific part of the machine on the screen and learn more information. Being able to touch the product screen for more information and a demonstration of how each part works will give customers better operating information on your products operation. 

Interactive speaking 

For customers who do not have good eyesight or have a difficult time seeing flashing screens, you should have a talking interactive screen. Program your trade show screen to provide a spoken assistant that can read aloud information about the product. The program can also be set to allow for answers to be read when people at the booth touch a button to ask. Interactive booths tend to win more points with both investors and customers as interacting with a product by reading, talking, and physically handling the product provides a comprehensive overview of the products worth. 

Be able to change the mood lighting

Sometimes, the lighting in the booth can be so harsh that it begins to shine off of products or it obstructs the view of the rest of the screen. Some customers who come to your booth may have sensitive eyes, meaning they can't deal with harsh yellow or white light. Install mood lighting inside of your trade booth and place nighttime ability on your screen. The mood lighting should have a number of different color tones, such as blue, pink, and green. Allow staff to change the mood lighting based on the current atmosphere of the room and customer's request. This will ensure that your trade show exhibit booth is always comfortable and scenic. 

For help getting your trade booth set up, or if you don't have your own booth, reach out to rental trade show exhibit services.