4 Luxury Features For Your Custom Home

When having a custom home designed and built, you want to make sure you end up with a home you and your family will truly love. By incorporating luxury features into your custom home, you will improve your family's quality of life and end up with a home your friends and family love to spend time in. Here are four luxury features to consider adding to your custom home:

A Heated Driveway

Before your contractors ever pour the concrete for your driveway, consider adding heated panels underneath. Heated driveways are automatically activated when the temperatures drop below freezing. They warm up and prevent ice from forming and snow from accumulating. Instead of having to wake up early and risk slipping on ice to shovel your driveway, you can simply walk out your front door to your car with no hassle whatsoever.

Radiant Floor Heating

Similarly, adding radiant floor heating will make the inside of your home more comfortable and convenient. Yoru heated floors will keep your feet warm in the winter, and your electricity bills will be more manageable to boot.

Whole Home Automation

Instead of adding a few smart home features after your home is already built, why not have them incorporated right into the design of your home? Your new home can include LED lighting, ambient sound and lighting control, smart thermostats, security system, and a fully connected television.

Everything will be part of the same whole home automation system, which will be easy to control from your phone and in-home wall panel. Even if you're not tech-savvy at all, the whole home automation system will be set up for you and easy to manage via intuitive smart home apps.

An Elevator

An elevator may not be on your mind when you first start planning your custom home, but it's a feature that you will eventually wonder how you ever lived without. With an in-home elevator, elderly family members and anyone with limited mobility can safely and easily get from one floor to another. Parents of small children and babies will love being able to go upstairs without lugging their kids and belongings up a ton of stairs. You can more easily move everything from groceries to the vacuum cleaner, making all those daily tasks a breeze.

As you can see, custom luxury home design presents many exciting options. Once you decide which luxury features and amenities you are most interested in, it's time to set up a meeting with your custom home builder.