Flooring: Choosing the Right Product for Your Bedroom

When it comes time to replace your bedroom flooring, you want a quality product. To accomplish this goal, you need to gather information about the different products available. Once you have this information, it will be much easier to choose the right flooring for your bedroom.


Carpet is one of the more common products people use when replacing their bedroom flooring. This material is practical and comes in almost any color you can think of.

When looking into carpet, you want to consider the weave of each product you find. In many cases, the weave will determine how comfortable the carpet is to walk on.

For example, tighter weaves have the benefit of reducing the amount of debris that can work their way into the fibers. You generally see these carpets in commercial buildings because they are easy to keep clean. The problem you will encounter is that overly tight weaves feel hard when you walk on them.

For a softer feel, you want a carpet that has a looser weave. These carpets are fluffier and very comfortable to walk on. However, with a looser weave, dirt and debris can get onto the fibers and change the color of the carpeting, even if you vacuum it on a regular basis. For this reason, many people choose to go with a darker color, since this can help hide any minor color changes.

Wood Flooring

Another great option is to choose hardwood flooring. When it comes to this material, you want to pick the wood species first and then choose a color. If you were to choose a color scheme first, you would have to weed your way through all of the products that fit into that category. With so many choices, you can easily overwhelm yourself.

Instead, you want to look into the different wood species. The most common and affordable options are pine, oak, and maple, though many companies offer great deals on other wood types such as ash and hickory.

If you find that you want a wood species that is just too expensive, you should look into modifying more affordable woods. For example, since pine and oak are generally light in color, you can stain them to match the wood species you prefer. This design tip is a great way to get the expensive look you desire for a fraction of the cost.

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