Going Country Chic: Classic Pieces That Won't Clash With Your Modern Home Design

Country interior decorations can blend with your modern home decor if you choose the right pieces. With a bit of interior blending, you can have a uniquely designed home you'll love with furnishings that complement one another well. Country style adds a laid-back charm, and the following furnishings are perfect for any contemporary home.


Cowhide is used in many home decor pieces, from picture frames to furniture. Add a piece of this country luxury to your dining or living room by placing a cowhide rug in the center of the room. To avoid making your cowhide rug look like an oddball in the rest of your decor, try to let this piece stand on its own. It's perfectly fine to be country chic with a cowhide rug by surrounding it with colorful furniture and contrasting decorative pillows or even letting it sit under a black or dark wood coffee table for the perfect blend of color and texture.

Mason jars

You may think of ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day when mason jars come to mind, but they can be used in your home decor as well. Use plain mason jars as candle holders, placing candles of varying colors and sizes inside for a beautiful table centerpiece. Watercolor mason jars make beautiful vases. They can be easily painted with a glass stain in nearly any color you like. Place these vases on a burlap table runner for the perfect addition of country chic flair on your living room table or bookshelf.

Conversation pieces

Every home needs a conversation piece, that one furnishing that has everyone asking, 'Where did you get that?" When it comes to country style, there are quite a few options you can choose from. A butter churn painted white can adorn a corner of your kitchen, a cowbell placed outside your front door can add charm to your porch, and even a milking stool in your bathroom can make grabbing those high-shelf items easier. Other conversation pieces you can mix in with your modern decor include the following:

  • wooden milk pail
  • rusted horse shoes for your wall
  • barbed wire picture frame
  • barnwood-framed wall mirror

These pieces can be large or subtle, and they definitely draw the eye away from your traditional modern style.

Adding a country flair to your home doesn't mean you have to go all-out cowboy. You can add a cowhide rug, a butter churn, or even a rustic horse shoe to your current interior decoration scheme to make your home truly charming and unique.