5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Safer For Your Kids

Whether you're currently contemplating starting a family or already have children in the home, you've undoubtedly given a great deal of thought to household safety matters. Bathrooms can be dangerous places for little ones, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can provide a safer bathroom environment. Below are five of them.

Anti-Scald Valves on the Faucets

Because more than 2,000 children per year are scalded by tap water that is too hot, parents should have anti-scald valves installed in the bathroom sink, bathtub, and shower. These valves work by infusing cold water into the outgoing hot water pipes. Anti-scald values also guard against the water in the faucet from suddenly becoming too hot as a result of someone taking a shower. They're also great devices to use with low-flow faucets and shower heads, because these fixtures tend to decrease water pressure. A qualified plumber can make certain that the valves are installed correctly and are functioning properly.

A Lift-Out Sink Vanity Step

Although some homeowners opt for lowing the sink and counter space altogether, installing a sink vanity with a built-in lift-out step is a better long-term solution. You won't have to have the sink and counter raised again when your children grow too tall to comfortably use it, and it's a safer option that using a stand-alone footstool.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Installing anti-slip flooring materials like textured linoleum or slate will help keep little feet from slipping even when floors are wet. If you don't want to completely replace the flooring in your bathroom, ask your contractor about options for treatments that will provide slippery floors with a good degree of traction. Some of these products can also be applied on bathtub and shower surfaces as well as on other areas that pose potential slip-and-fall hazards.

An Easily Accessible Tub

Undermount tubs or those with graduated steps leading to their interior are safer than traditional tubs that require people to step over the side. You can also increase tub safety by installing simple rubber bathtub liners or anti-slip stickers. Make certain that grab bars are also made with nonslip materials or treated with a product that prevents slipping.

A Handheld Shower Head

This fixture can make it much easier to rinse shampoo and detangling lotion out of your children's hair, eliminating the risk of them slipping while putting their heads under the faucet to rinse their hair. As an added bonus, it will make cleaning the tub far less challenging.